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Slasher Dagger

Slasher Dagger

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Pierce through the mundane with the Dagger threadless end, handcrafted in Los Angeles by Body Vision. 

Each meticulously detailed dagger evokes a sense of mystery, inviting the beholder into a world where beauty and peril intertwine.

With their dainty yet daring presence, these Golden daggers add a subtle hint of exhilaration to any ensemble, making a statement that is both striking and refined.

  • Overall size: 7.5mm x 7mm
  • Solid 14k Yellow, White, or Rose Gold
  • Sold as a single not as a pair
  • Lifetime repair warranty against any manufacturing defects unless lost or stolen
  • Back sold separately

Crafted specifically for use in piercings, this hypoallergenic 14k Gold is nickel-safe and designed to minimize allergic reactions.

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